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Aleksa Designs Unique Custom Designed Jewelry for Everyday Elegance

Seasons Vine Pendant Collection

4 Uniquely Designed Interchangeable gemstone cabochons discs on a necklace that provides... 

    Vibrant colors mix with intricate details, while simple strong shapes blend effortlessly with romantic, vintage-inspired patterns that cross seamlessly over all the accessory collections of Aleksa Designs. Jewelry that projects a subtle
    confidence and self-reliance from the wearer.


    Aleksa Designer Dahli Patel brings together the mysticism of the East with the practicality of the west in her unique designs.  Like being transported to a far
    away place her bold designs transcend the wearer beyond time.  Influenced by her Asian heritage, her signature pieces depict a spiritual style that blends easily with estate, contemporary and traditional jewelry.