The Designer and Collection

The Designer

A combination of intellectual curiosity, ethnic influences and cultural sophistication all meld together to form the collections of designer Dahli Patel, creator of Aleksa Designs.

"I have always loved jewelry and have a definite sense of vision for style," explains the seasoned designer.  "Even as a little girl in England we didn't have much at all but was always perfectly accessorized."

As she grew older, Dahli continued to define her own sense of style as she traveled and experienced the world.  She quickly became a keen observer of the style of other women across the globe.

It was on a trip to the Far East, that she became truly fascinated with gemstones. "I learned how they are mined, cut and polished and watched the long tedious process that it takes to create each unique stone." On her travels she learned how the gemstones were set and made into jewelry. "Eventually I started stringing beads and making jewelry for myself and my friends and found it just so fulfilling to share the end product with others"

She received a great demand for her style jewelry and Dahli decided it was time to live her dream.  She created Aleksa Designs.  The name, homage to her children, came from combining the letters of their first names, Alek and Alyssa.

After successfully opening and selling a signature boutique in Atlanta, GA that showcased her unique jewelry, she decided to spend more time on family while still maintaining some of her jewelry lines. 

Dahli has now launched her online store to share her designs with the world while giving back 10% of everything earned to a cause near and dear to her heart, mental health awareness.  Having started her career as a mental health clinician working with children in foster care, she has seen first-hand the need to destigmatize mental illness and support organizations that support that mission.

The Collection

What does art look like to Dahli? It looks like flower blossoms and sunbursts of brilliantly colored gemstones like peridot, garnet or blue topaz dangling from sterling silver chains or simple organza ribbons.  And it looks like geometrically shaped orbs of moonstone, onyx and peridot with pointed tips of pearl. You'll also find delicate bracelets made from linking the tips of sterling silver petals set with gemstones, and bold round rings with embossed sterling centers. "Each piece is unique, and it seems to attract a variety of women, not of a certain age, but who have a certain confidence and grace about them."

She draws out the pieces in her design studio and then takes her ideas and meets with individual artisans who set her stones for her into her multitude of unique designs.

She is a firm believer that all women should be able to afford fine jewelry and sets her prices accordingly.  "Beautiful jewelry shouldn't cost a fortune", she proclaims.  All of her pieces are hand-made, hand-polished and made of sterling silver and gold plated with semi-precious stones.